“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”

Alhumdullah   agribusiness.pk has achieved the target of 1086 dedicated  members, 49 Consultants and 149 Companies on board. As I have announced  that the members/students on site will be awarded interest free loan. Luckily Government of Pakistan has now announced the same scheme. On the other hand agribusiness.pk also gains the Contract of producing different crops for industrial use like Sugarcane, Cotton, Sunflower, Canola, Soybean etc. Estimated land for this venture is 300000 Accor.  Our business module is one Director Farms, two Farm managers, twenty Field officers and 180 Agri. DPLs for each 2500 Acores land. For this purpose we needed 120 director farms, 240 farm managers, 2400 field officers and 21600 DPLs .Selection of Director Farms, Farm managers and Field Officers will be conducted through the members of agribusiness.pk. However, before starting the big venture, all the members are directed to apply the Kamyab Jawan (www.youth.pmo.gov.pk) Scheme and prove their worth by using this loan in agriculture business and return the loan from his profit. For this purpose all technical guidance and feasibility of Poultry, Livestock and Industrial crop production will be made available by the management of agribusiness.pk. While conducting the agribusiness through the platform of agribusiness.pk, your existing CV on our website will be upgraded, which will increase your chance to have a place in next venture of agribusiness.pk, So immediately apply and conduct your business either individually or as a group under the supervision of highly qualified consultants of agribusiness.pk. Work for yourself and rest of Ummah and you will be successful in this world and hereafter InshAllah. Remember once again the Saying of Holly Prophet (peace be upon Him) that an honest trader will be treated with Anbia, Olya and Shauda. Let’s make this saying ALIVE.

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